Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thought Filled Thursday plus Winner, Winner!

This week has been tough. I won't lie. It has featured some definite ups and some way, way definite downs. However, through it I kept thinking several of the same things. I wanted to share them with y'all.. plus who the winner of my quick giveaway was!

So, here is my 'Thought Filled Thursday' thoughts I hope they help to make you a bit more graceful as well ;)

-No matter how cruddy the "stuff" seems... it's for the students. Keep doing your best for them.

-Keep a smile on your face. This is tough, I know. But that "stuff" that is going on, your kiddos don't need to know because they won't understand. Your smile reassures them that you're okay and everything else is too.

-Presume the positive. Look on the bright side. If you always assume the worst... it will probably happen.. or will at least seem like it is.

-Avoid lounge lizards. There is a teacher at my school that has started to remind me of Grumpy Cat. If there is someone at your school like that, avoid them. They will bring down your "grace". Of course, you could always be their ray of sunshine... it's my goal to be that for this particular person.

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  1. First day is Monday....this is PERFECT!! Made my grumpy day better! Thank-you!!

    Terri Izatt