Thursday, August 29, 2013

Word Study.. You do what?!?

A coworker of mine came up with this fabulous idea this year to send home our sight words for students to learn at home. In the past two years, I sent home the words as we learned them each week and the parents added them to a ring where they could practice them. This year, we are going to take on a whole new way of doing this. I'm going to try to do something a bit different this year: A word study folder in my students' daily folders!

On the front is a letter explaining to the parents: what it is AND how to use it.

On the inside is a pocket for this week's sight words and a personal tracking sheet. The personal tracking sheet (yay! for goal setting!) shows specifically what there child already knows and what they are expected to know. I am going to start with letters (upper, lower, and sounds) and move onto the sight words. Here's what it looks like so far:

I will add an envelope right below the arrow in order to send home sight word cards each week that we learn new cards. These will get added to their binder rings. You can grab your own set of already done (a.k.a Print and go!) sight word cards below:

As we go along through the year, I will keep track of this so that parents will know what their child knows and what they need to work on. In the back of my mind, it reminds me of Sitton Spelling a bit... only a tad bit more practical.

I'm also thinking of adding in an "Other" section of sorts with nifty things they can work on together at home with their child.

What would you include?

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