Saturday, September 28, 2013

Balance is Key

We always hear about how we should balance our home life and work life. It's hard. Stupendously hard actually! But, it always helps to have some positive reinforcement. So, I'm here to show you that yes, it can be done!

Here's how we spent our 'balanced' weekend so far:

How cute are my littles? We went to the local county fair AND to a local Outdoor Adventure Day. It was so much fun! For FREE at the OAD, we got to fish, try out archery (my kiddos were even awarded an awesome bow and arrow set from Traditional Archery!), and learned how to tie a fishing fly. They loved the fair. The Ferris wheel is completely and totally their favorite!! Plus the petting zoo let them pet bunnies, baby chicks, a pony, and goats! 

Now to balance it all out, tomorrow I will be planning and cleaning after church. It's good to have fun AND be productive.

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