Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day! How are you celebrating?

Happy Labor Day to everyone! I always love to hear how every spends their vacation days. Today I spent my labor day giving away the fruits of my labor.. literally- I paid bills.

On the plus side, I scored this super awesome deal at Target today that I just had to share with all the other mommies out there!

I just bought all of this for $35!!

I am not a couponer or a super thrifty deal finder by any means. But I do find something every now and then :) Target has their summer sale rack up and I was able to grab:

5 shirts for 1.50 each.
5 pairs of shorts for 1.50 each.
7 packs of tights for 1.98 each.
1 cute little dress for 2.60.

What's the best deal you've ever found? Did you do any shopping today?


  1. No shopping for me! I did go and have lunch with my mom. That was about the extent of my day. I haven't found any great deals lately, but I always get excited when I do.


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