Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sight Words On The Way!

It tends to be a debate of "when" to start sight words in kindergarten. Of course it's also a debate about how long to teach or focus on a letter. We spend one day on each letter in our grade level. This is our last week of letters.. down to only 2 more to go! We talk about the letter, sing about it, find it, write it, and color a book to take home about it.

But this year, I started introducing sight words by over lapping this last week. I introduced our first 5 words: one, red, at, look, I. I'm really excited about my newest word wall cards. Look at these cuties:

They are from my bloggy buddy: Laura Loves to Teach!

You can grab your own set from her store by clicking the picture. I love that you could say things like " Our sight words are the core of our reading." Corny? You know it's cute!

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  1. Oh my goodness you are too wonderful!! Thank you SO much!!! :) :) Always let me know if you need anything!