Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Work Station Wednesday: Pulling it all together!

This summer I spent a TON of time reading about work stations from Debbie Diller's AH-mazing book!

Literacy Work Stations are a HUGE hit in my classroom this year! I've really taken the time to think through each of the stations for what the students should be doing. It has worked so, so well that I wanted to share with y'all!

Computer Center: This center is pretty much the same as last year. It is definitely supported by Debbie Diller :) I use the website Pebble Go. It's all non-fiction and the kids love it! It reads to the students, plays sounds, and plays video clips about animals, science, and social studies. It's wonderful! I've been more vigilant about the whole explore and learn concept. The students last year really loved the games.. we are avoiding it this year for now.

Word Study: Last year I was always totally stumped about what this could look like, yet be similar each week, and how to make it fun. I found my answer! I made two different types of clip art this year. I taught my students how to cut out letters to glue sight words. I also taught them to stamp their letters for sight words. They love these and I have seen a huge improvement in sight word learning this year!

This is an up close shot of how you can make your sheets.All you have to do is put the clipart in as pictures. Each line is one entire image so it's super easy!!

Listening Center: I simplified this center for the beginning of the year. Several groups have already learned how to turn the CD player on and off in order to start and stop. After their story, they simply draw about their favorite part. My higher learners also write sentences about their favorite part.

Writing Center: Right now our writing center is made up of our Pictionary folders. So far we have done our A page and our B page. The students are loving it! These will be used later when this center turns into a free writing center.

Letter Study: This awesome center is a LOT of fun. I used my Chicka Chicka Boom Boom letter cards for my students to put in order and match upper to lower case. They are having a ball with it ever since we did it as a class.

I know that there has been a TON of Daily 5 for the last few years as well. Don't forget that 2 of my centers are Read to Self and Buddy Read. 

I made sure to really, truly take the time to teach each activity before the students do it independently. In the past two years (in comparison) I have obviously only "thought" that I taught it. 

What do you do for centers?

P.S.- Check out Greg's Center Wednesday-- you might check out some familiar sound mats!!!

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