Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy, happy Halloween- Have a treat to celebrate!!

Happy, happy Halloween! To celebrate, I'm giving you a treat:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Treats ONLY! No tricks!

I'm promising lost of TREATS from my store for 20% off today and tomorrow! I also added up 2 great new products:

Turkey Trouble- Number Ordering

Gingerbread Cooking Counting- Number Ordering for Primary

So cute! Click on the pictures to add them to your cart :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What do you do with 1 year old candy corn?

Answer: Do NOT eat it! It tastes gross!

Seriously though... what to do with it... this was my brainstorm today:

Math Manipulatives!

We played two math games today. The first was 10 Frame Flash. You are supposed to show the students a picture of a ten frame for 3 seconds. I made mine while it was covered up on the Elmo (document projector) and then moved my paper.

Move it and show the students, 1....2.....3.....then cover it again while they make it!

Walk around and check... check... who got it? Who didn't it? 

Check it together and talk about how to fill in the 10 frame, how many were there, how many empty spaces, etc. etc.

OR you could play it with a number card! This is actually called Fill the Frame. I used my playing cards:

This time you show the numeral and they have to make it. You can SO TOTALLY see their thinking (or coping skills). One of my high thinkers (so far ) in math was obviously counting the little pictures on each card. I think we will be practicing our numeral recognition a bit more in the coming days!

Then they make it and you check... check... and check..

Do you see who got it and who didn't? 

Then you make it on yours and discuss.

While my kids were disappointed that they didn't get to eat the candy, they were totally okay once I explained to them that it is a year old and has been sitting in my cabinet since LAST Halloween. I only had 1 child try to eat it and I made him spit it out. Gross!

Monday, October 28, 2013

What does a REAL classroom look like?

I realized the other day that when we showcase our classrooms we make them look beyond perfect. Well, let's be honest- they do NOT always look like that. Here's a glance at my room from Friday afternoon, as I was getting ready for Friday folders, planning this weekend, and filing papers that I had used this week:

I'd love to see your pictures of your REAL classroom. How fun, right? Link up below!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Five for Friday- Sale and freebies!

Oh my goodness! It's actually Friday and I'm getting my post on! Woo hoo for me!!!

Number sense is up for us this week! My kiddos loved making their number 5 combinations! 

Want a copy for yourself? Click the picture to get it from Hubbard's Cupboard!

I love math games! I taught my kiddos 'Mark It Down' today and they had a BLAST! They played it for about 35 minutes straight without arguing or getting bored. It's a miracle!

I only have 3 more ESOL classes left before I can take my certification test. I do have to say, while the class has been questionable, my own reading and the information I've gotten from my ESOL book has been fantastic!

I could live a long, long time before hearing another Taylor Swift song and definitely die happy! My 3 year old is running around singing and singing aaaaannnnnnnddddd singing.....

I'm having a SALE! All weekend long, I'm offering up 20% off ALL of my fall items that you can grab! Check these out:

'Eye' Can Count to 20: Halloween Themed Math Activity
FALLing for Graphic Organizers

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Need a Quick and Easy Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving Idea? Check this out!

No Monkey Business

Michelle at No Monkey Business has put together the BEST linky ever for a quick and easy idea. Click on over to check it out! There are tons of great ideas, sorted out by grade level, just waiting to be grabbed by you! My list is already growing of what I want to do in the next month!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Science update: Gravity!

I just wanted to stop in and show you this AWESOME activity that we did the other day in our Science Discovery Room.. yep we have a whole room at my school for science experiments! Love it!

. It's perfect for gravity!

Are you wondering about the bunny? It's from an awesome activity from AIMS. We have their materials and have used them a LOT in the past few years. This activity has the bunnies and a similar elephant that get to spin as they are dropped. The students race the bunny versus the elephant. One has a paper clip and the other does not.

Monday, October 21, 2013

What are you center-ing on this week?

I couldn't help myself with the title. :D So, what are in your centers this week? I thought I'd give you some ideas to use from mine!

I've started slowly introducing word families to my kiddos. They have a Big Book center with traditional big books but they also have this great Little Book center where they create little books for each word family!

I get the word family books from this awesome Scholastic book:

My kiddos love to buddy read with partners now. They do need an extra eye kept on them sometimes since they (on occasion) have started to 'sort their books' instead of read.

Kindergarten Smorgasboard is FABULOUS! I have his new CVC word building set. Super easy to prep and the kids LOVE, LOVE to make the words! This week, I'm going to add the recording sheet so they can write the words that they build.

Want your copy? Check it out here:
Building CVC Words!  A Common Core Aligned Word Work Pack!

There are OVER 100 CVC words plus the adorable scrabble-type letters all ready to go!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

5 for Friday (on a Sunday :) )

Who doesn't like to hold onto Friday? So, I'm reliving my Friday today!

I love coins! One of my favorite songs that I shared in my post earlier this week is Show Me the Money by Jack Hartman. Here are my kiddos in action:

Each student gets a bag with all 4 coins to go along with the song. They LOVED this!

I got busy with pre-assessing for our 2nd 9 weeks this week. I used my great new freebie (become a Facebook fan to grab it!) to see if my students could put numbers in order (0-20) and count them. This will later go into a math tub.

Report Cards went home on Friday! Nuff said? Well, that also means that my little guy got his first report card too- We are one HAPPY mama and daddy! His reward that he wanted? A trip to his very, very favorite place:

Store Image

Again, can I say proud that he wanted more books to read?

! I used this awesome pack from The Teacher's Backpack- It's awesome! It has the awesome books (seen above), retelling cards for the teacher, AND retelling cards for the students too.

Friday was my 5 year anniversary with my Hubs. Love him so, so much! He sent me these beautiful flowers to celebrate!

I can NOT wait to share with you the awesome, awesome centers that I have going on! Make sure to check out tomorrow's post!