Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coin Investigations

I've been LOVING teaching coins this week. Now that we know our 5 senses AND have been using our science tools during experiments, this week with learning coins has been super awesome! Check out these HIGHLY ENGAGED students!!

They loved, loved investigating and sharing with partners... okay, maybe not the sharing but we're working on that ;). With their investigations we are slowly filling in our coin chart... one coin each day this week!

I'm loving it because it's really creating some awesome discussion and 'seize the teachable moment' moments to talk about our past presidents. I loved showing the students pictures from my trip to DC last year too!


  1. I wnated to know that how can they do the coin investigation. I am very excited to know it that how can they do the coin investigation. I will share this with friends. Detektiv n├╝rnberg

    1. I had my students simply explore with their 5 senses using a microscope. They were able to look at the edges, the numbers, lettering, words, presidents, etc. They really enjoyed it!