Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to Unpack the Common Core

When you hear the term unpack you actually think of a vacation. Sometimes when we think of the Common Core, we'd like to take a vacation. I'm hoping these two tools that I'm about to show you will make the Common Core a bit more manageable.

No matter what grade you teach in Elementary school, these resources should be able to help you.


This site is usually the first that I visit. It helps me SO much more to see an activity that the students would be expected to do. Definitely makes it clearer to me to helping unpack the standard. I also love, love, LOVE that they have easily printed activities as well!

Common Core Support Tools

Most states now have some sort of document for helping their teachers understand the standards. Even though I teach in GA, we tend to use this one from NC since they've had it out and available for over a year. It tells you in detail: practice, explanation and examples, the standard, what it looks like, and what the students should be able to do. It's perfect! Plus it goes K-8 and then the major areas/domains for High school.

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