Thursday, October 3, 2013

Math Center Mania!

I always love to see everyone else's math centers broken down. Last year, I went totally Debbie Diller. I loved it but felt like I didn't take enough time to teach the management of them. So this year, my first two weeks of centers, I only did 4 math tubs: 1 for each table. This allowed me to teach how to clean up and put away. Plus it game the students more time to learn some 'can do' items in tubs.

Here's what I have going on now, I have 10 tubs that rotate. They get used over a two week period and it allows for a broad coverage of a topic. Most tubs have a 'have to' activity that is required and at least 1 'can do' for when they finish. Only one of my tubs doesn't have a 'can do' at the moment because it takes pretty much all of the center time.

These are my tubs:

#1- Pattern sheet. This came out of a Mailbox magazine that my school had. The students have to draw to finish the pattern. Then they can use the strings and beads to create patterns from the cards.

#2- This is the only center without a 'can do'. The students use the paper shapes in the bag to create a pattern all on their own. Then they glue it to the sentence strip.

#3-  These are both activities that I've taught whole group. They can use the shape links to create patterns. The small bag contains index cards (like the one shown) with patterns written on them. There are also enough of the shape sheets that they can use to build complex shapes with simple shapes.

#4- The 'have to' of this tub is the pattern sentence strips up at the top. They are already pre-programmed with a pattern but they have a piece missing. The students work together to fill it in. The 'can dos' are the shape memory cards (orange cards) and the 5 in a Row game.

#5- Number writing! The students love to write their numbers with dry erase and then erase it off to do it again. I also have this awesome set from Heather Kicera that is all sorts of adorable number activities with a fall theme. These are putting numbers 1-10 in order and matching the number sets.

#6- Remember Greg's awesome math centers? Here they are all created and ready to go! These are the adorable Star Wars cards. My kids FREAKED when they saw these! They love counting the pictures! After they finish they 'can' create patterns with the shapes. 

#7- Again with the stinkin' adorable math centers from Kindergarten Smorgasboard! These number frames are awesome! It's really making my kids thinking and count. Love their little 'thinking faces'!

#8- It seriously just gets better! These math centers are again from the fabulous Greg! But they have higher number sets. After they finish this 'have to' my students "can" pull a number card to count out the fuzzies or they 'can' create patterns with the fuzzies.

#9- People patterns! We actually do real people patterns as a lesson so they really love this!

#10- Math games on the computer. My school has purchased a set of math games. There are 4 different focuses: shapes, numbers, measurement, operations.

I'd love to see what you do for centers too! Leave a link or comment love!

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