Monday, October 21, 2013

What are you center-ing on this week?

I couldn't help myself with the title. :D So, what are in your centers this week? I thought I'd give you some ideas to use from mine!

I've started slowly introducing word families to my kiddos. They have a Big Book center with traditional big books but they also have this great Little Book center where they create little books for each word family!

I get the word family books from this awesome Scholastic book:

My kiddos love to buddy read with partners now. They do need an extra eye kept on them sometimes since they (on occasion) have started to 'sort their books' instead of read.

Kindergarten Smorgasboard is FABULOUS! I have his new CVC word building set. Super easy to prep and the kids LOVE, LOVE to make the words! This week, I'm going to add the recording sheet so they can write the words that they build.

Want your copy? Check it out here:
Building CVC Words!  A Common Core Aligned Word Work Pack!

There are OVER 100 CVC words plus the adorable scrabble-type letters all ready to go!

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