Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What do you do with 1 year old candy corn?

Answer: Do NOT eat it! It tastes gross!

Seriously though... what to do with it... this was my brainstorm today:

Math Manipulatives!

We played two math games today. The first was 10 Frame Flash. You are supposed to show the students a picture of a ten frame for 3 seconds. I made mine while it was covered up on the Elmo (document projector) and then moved my paper.

Move it and show the students, 1....2.....3.....then cover it again while they make it!

Walk around and check... check... who got it? Who didn't it? 

Check it together and talk about how to fill in the 10 frame, how many were there, how many empty spaces, etc. etc.

OR you could play it with a number card! This is actually called Fill the Frame. I used my playing cards:

This time you show the numeral and they have to make it. You can SO TOTALLY see their thinking (or coping skills). One of my high thinkers (so far ) in math was obviously counting the little pictures on each card. I think we will be practicing our numeral recognition a bit more in the coming days!

Then they make it and you check... check... and check..

Do you see who got it and who didn't? 

Then you make it on yours and discuss.

While my kids were disappointed that they didn't get to eat the candy, they were totally okay once I explained to them that it is a year old and has been sitting in my cabinet since LAST Halloween. I only had 1 child try to eat it and I made him spit it out. Gross!

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