Friday, November 15, 2013

5 for Friday.. TGIF!

My favorite activity of the week! Love, love watching my kids excel at their letter sounds and putting words together!

I shared this on my Facebook page earlier this week. It just brings a smile to my face :)

Maybe this was actually my favorite activity this week... hmm... toughie! I loved watching my kiddos using what they've learned with Beginning, Middle, and Ending sounds. So great! They thought it was awesome that they got to "play" with the letters!

On Wednesday I was SOOOOOO sick. I literally laid on the couch and slept. It was b-a-d! I apparently was ahead of the curve at my school. Most everyone else started getting sick at the end of this week. Yuck :P Definitely makes you think...
This is funny, but it's true. If all of us could have only one reason to exercise (I know that's difficult because there are HUNDREDS of reasons to exercise), this should be it. To live longer, to be stronger, to be healthier and happier, to not be sick, to have less doctor's bills to worry about. =)

Now that I'm feeling better, I am honestly just so, so, so tired! Tomorrow I will be cleaning like a mad woman. I have dishes and laundry to do... floors to sweep and mop, and bathrooms to scrub. Raise your hand if you think I'll get it done!

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