Monday, November 11, 2013

Building Blocks of Counting

Today we practiced our counting with these awesome (and wickedly simple) number line cards that one of my coworkers shared last year. They are simple cards that have lines on them. The students line up the snap cubes on the OUTSIDE of the line and then count the cubes. Since we are working on writing our numbers this week, I added to it that they have to draw 5 of the shapes and write the number. 

This kiddo did such a great job!

This card is larger because the cards are actually differentiated. The larger the card, the larger the line, AND the larger the number. So, again, my tables being sat by reading level (which corresponds to other skills), helped out again today.

Here's a close up of hers. She did a pretty good job too. I was so impressed when she was counting them by 2s. Yay!

Now, while I am super happy about my new seating arrangement, don't think that I'm not still mixing my kids up now and then too. It's all about what they need at the moment. So, at the moment, they TOTALLY needed this!

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