Thursday, November 7, 2013

Differentiation? Yes please!

So, after my last evaluation, I was told to work on making sure to differentiate and challenge. Working hard to do that! Yesterday afternoon, I switched my students around in their seats. One of my coworkers, seats her students by their reading groups. I tried this today and this is how it went.... AH-MAZING!

With each of my new table groups, I had the students working on their needed skill: beginning sounds (very basic review that we've been working on several weeks), ending sounds (review of last weeks skill), middle sounds (this week's skill), and CVC words (new and challenging). The students had a BLAST with my sound mats!

My students had a blast using all of the different letters to 'fill' the pockets in each word. They had the BEST time! Plus it was the perfect review, practice, or extension for them!


  1. Trying to meet the different needs of all the learning sytles in a class can be very hard. At my school we are leveled by low, average, high. Although this makes meeting each need easier, I don't think it always the best. Kids learn from other kids. If they are all performing at the same level the game has to be really stepped up to engage the students. I think what your doing is a great idea. Try the grouping within the class. Also do you meet for small group (RTI)???? Sometimes this is a great time to meet your goal of differentiated instruction. I think what your doing is a great start!!!


  2. I think especially teaching younger kiddos-there is just such a spectrum of different levels to keep track of. I never thought of seating them by their reading groups, but I can see how there may be advantages to that-especially for the higher level kids who usually get stuck helping the low level ones! :)