Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Early Number Sense: Engaging and Fun for All!

This past week we really started to get into the understanding of number sense. I'm glad that most of my kiddos are seeming to 'get it' so far. One day last week I had them do this activity during our morning activity time.I used my Turkey Trouble number set and old (1 year to be exact) candy corn as the math tool. They had a blast! 

I could really tell who was able to put the numbers in order 0-20, who understood the concept of 0 (the gigglers in the group :) ), and who could count out the right number. I also did this as a group activity after a mini lesson on Friday. Only I used different math tools for each table. We talked about why some groups' numbers 'looked' like more because the tool was larger.

On Friday, we used math cubes to look at the best way to organize counting:

The beginning of arrays :) They thought they were just building and getting away with not following directions... little did they know they were doing the right thing!

What activities do you do to build your students' number sense?

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