Monday, November 25, 2013

Field Trip Fun!

Do you do in school field trips? We tried it this year with our kinders. It was a blast! We used a company out of Atlanta called Club Scientific.

We had a blast with setting off rockets, playing with robots, and using our knowledge of gravity. I think this was our favorite experiment that we got to try:

You need the following:

1 glass of water (add food coloring so it's easier for the kids to see)
1 metal pie tin
1 cardboard tube
1 hard boiled egg

Place the items like they are in the picture. The whole point is to show the students that the force of motion keeps objects moving in the direction that they are pushed. 

Show the students that if they swing their hand to hit the pie plate, the pie plate keeps going, and gravity causes the egg to drop directly into the glass of water. All of our students tried this and LOVED it! 

What are some of your favorite science experiments to do with your class? What about in school vs. out of school field trips?

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