Monday, November 4, 2013

How to explain being thankful to a Kindergartener

Like just about everyone else this month, we are learning about Thanksgiving, pilgrims, and Native Americans. I teach about the Mayflower. I teach about the feast. But do the kids really get it?

Today I connected the two together with these two books:

These are 2 really great books to teach about each subject: Veterans Day (National Holidays)

We've been reading the Thanksgiving book since Friday and talking about what pilgrims are and why they came to America. Today we finished the book. The end talks about the feast, why they had it, and what they were thankful for. We did a turn-and-talk about what we were thankful for and shared as a group.

My favorite quote from the day was when I asked them what they were thankful for. One of my students told me," You, because you make everyday fun." Heart totally melted!

We read the Veteran's Day book (after recess and a wiggle break) and discusses how they keep us safe... which is a HUGE thing to be thankful for. I was honestly, so SO proud of my littles for their ideas about why to be thankful!

Love my Kinders!

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  1. I love your new "look!" Don't you love the kids' sweet answers? I like the Step 3 Thanksgiving book. I have a similar one, but it is kind of wordy for my kids, so I bet that one will be perfect!
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