Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nouns: the Kindergarten Way

This week we are learning and practicing how to make our nouns mean more than one and what the difference is between the two. I made these cute little cards over the weekend to use:

Harvest and Thanksgiving Themed Noun Activity

The cards match up with like pictures (just different amounts) so I had the students work together to find their "partner". Some had to work together with others (yay differentiation and scaffolded support). They found their pair and then brought it to me to put in our chart. To save time, I sorted the pictures into two rows and ask the kids to notice how I separated them.. you could always have the students actually separate themselves.

Into the pocket chart they went....

Afterwards, we worked together to label the pictures with sentence strips.... I quickly wrote these out as we did it, but next year I need to have them pre-written. Tomorrow, the students will be doing the writing of the words and adding s to them!

How do you introduce nouns? plural nouns?

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