Thursday, November 21, 2013

One More, One Less.. Number Talk Style

Have you heard about the new book that is all the rage? I saw it last summer during our Math Institute.

This book is fabulous :) I love the fact that it's so hands-on and kid friendly. Many of my team mates (who have been teaching longer than I have) tell me that it's very 'Math Their Way'... which seems to be a great thing!

I've been doing more 'circle up' lessons on the floor this year. The kids love it and it's so, so easy to see how everyone is doing. I love it!

Here's a picture of what we did earlier this week with one more, one less. 

Each student had their own set of 10 frames and yellow/red counters. I rolled a number (under 10). They had to create the number (very, very telling). I would tell them to show me one more or one less. Again, a very telling activity that we could work on together as a whole group. There was also a lot of peer teaching going on as well. Love it!

It prompted awesome discussion too. For example:

Are these the same number? Or are they different? Can they be in a slightly different grouping like this? Great, discussions!

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