Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting ready for Black History Month

I have a secret love- History. Seriously, love it to the point that I'd love to teach it if I thought I could make my interest in it jump into my students. Since I doubt myself on that... I will content myself to take the enthusiasm of my kindergarteners and introduce some AH-mazing heroes in our country's history.

How am I going to do that? Well, with Black History Month! I'm all ready for teaching my students about amazing artists, musicians, civil rights leaders, and even pilots!

I can not wait to play Louis Armstrong's music for my students and let them experience it and to read one of Kadir's books or to show them video of Mae Jemison on the shuttle!

Because this is not "technically" my standard to teach, I am going to spend about 10 minutes each day of February (20 school days in all) enriching my students with these great new people that they have probably never, ever heard of before!

To do this, I created this great set of posters to use (plus parent letters to send home daily telling parents who we learned about that day):

I even made the posters two sizes: full page and half page!


I plan on using my school's subscription to Pebble Go to learn a little bit more about each person (again, this is only going to be 10-15 minutes) but it will also allow me to add in some other literature that they should definitely hear!

Do you have any favorite activities? I'd love, love to be able to include it into my plans for next week!

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