Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy 100th Day!

Happy 100th day from me to you! We had a blast today! I found a lot of great resources to use today. They are scattered all over the crazy internet so... I thought I would put all the goodies right here for you! My kids loved all of these great activities:

We counted our objects that we brought in using counting mats like these:

100th Day of School

We made 100 Day Smarter crowns.. these turned out SO stinkin' cute!

Traditions, laughter and happily ever after ~ blog post - 100th day snack idea

This is my favorite, favorite activity! I love having students create pictures with their 100s!!!

Cute idea for 100th day of school. Turn the 100 into a picture

very cute activity....kids get die cut 100 and they turn it into something...ANYTHING they want! CUTE

I also grabbed this for a filler activity but we didn't even get to it today!

Morning work?

What is your favorite 100th day activity?

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  1. I love their little artwork with the 100's! You have some creative kiddos! We had our 100th day of school today; I am blogging about it tomorrow. :) Such a fun day! Enjoy the rest of your week!