Thursday, January 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday with a Treat

I'm taking Throwback Thursday on a different track. Lots of people post with old pictures and whatnot. I'm going to go back to an old blog post that I really like.. one with a treat for you!

Way back when I started blogging, I actually had a craft blog... with no time to craft. So it turned into a teaching blog and then into this blog. But one of my OOOOOLLLLDDDD posts was this one below, enjoy:

Does anyone else brainstorm during meetings? I typically take notes and make to-do lists all over whatever handouts I have from meetings. Of course, as soon as I get back to my room I set them down and they are lost... never to be seen again. Well, I saw an idea the other day to have a form that you use just for this purpose. The person who shared the idea uses the sheet by attaching it to her plan book. I'm actually going to use my cute new clipboard that I made for keeping copies of my sheets. I used pretty much the same concept. But I did change a couple of the boxes to fit my needs a bit more.

To Do List Template

One more freebie to go! I sure hope that you are enjoying the freebie party :) Please make sure to blog and spread the word!!

Have a blessed day,

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