Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Pet Peeve with Technology with a Fix for Mac AND PC!

Do you buy and use clip art? If you create any of your own resources, I'm sure that you do. I sure hope this helps you... or maybe it will just clarify the fact that I'm a tad bit crazy :)

Here's my pet peeve:

Yep those icky plain folders. I want to know what's in them!!

I know, I know, I could click on them. But if I'm looking for something in particular, I was to quickly glance through all of my clip art! So I got to thinking today... 'Surely there is a way to fix this!'

And I found it! 

Step #1- Right click on one of the blank folders (yes you can do it on the others too if you want to change the image!)

Step #2- Click on the 'properties' option at the bottom.

Step #3- Click the 'Customize' tab up at the top. Then you can click 'Choose Picture'.

Step #4- Choose the picture that you want from the options.

Step #5- Click 'OK' and enjoy your new and improved look!

How easy is that? I literally did about 20 folders in 5 minutes. Not bad at all and now my view is so much better and it's easier to find what I'm looking for!!

For Mac users- Sorry no images! My husband solved this one for me but he hast he Mac! Thank you to my awesome friend Kate at EduKate & Inspire for these wonderful pictures from her Mac!!!

Step #1-Copy an image to the clipboard (command c)


Step #2-Then highlight folder you want to modify the image

Step #3-Click File, scroll to Get Info

Step #4- Single click on small icon at the top of the box that pops open (not the big one at the bottom)

Step #5- Open Edit and click Paste

Step #6-The image will change to the picture that you selected!

How easey peasey is that?! Thank you again Kate!


  1. That's a new trick I didn't know about. Thanks for sharing. I usually put all of the same clip artists in one folder. So Ashley Hughes has a folder, Creative Clips has one, Zip ah dee doo dah has one too. Then I rename their individual folders inside so that I can find things easier.Like pencils or frames . . plus I add if it's the jpg or the png. I bought an external hard drive to store all my clip art because I was afraid of losing it on my computer or slowing my computer down more.
    Thanks for the tip.
    Second In Line

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!

    Shifting Teacher K-2

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I just bookmarked this post so when I have time to go back and reorganize all my clipart I can change the look of my folders!!! I never knew my MAC could do this!!!