Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Madness!

How do you start off a crazy Monday? Throw in a birthday, Groundhog day after math, a visit from Clifford, adorable books, and new centers! Here's a peek at our day:

Our new literacy work centers this morning: Handwriting work with sentences from Primarily Au-some:

My new 'Get your reading gears going' with read-to-self:

Word Family fun from Have Fun Teaching (it's a freebie!):

And the Groundhog even made an appearance with sorting by beginning blends:

We also threw in some math word problems, a day and night sort, and our first person for Black History Month: Martin Luther King Jr.

(I have the rest of the week planned too!!)

I am so, so excited to share a new African American Hero each day this month!

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