Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bright Ideas: Get Your Washi On!

I'm participating in the Bright Ideas Blog Hop today! I am so excited to be participating again this week.

Thank you Sarah for such an awesome idea! I hope some of y'all found me through her since her idea is fabulous!!

This month I want to share with you this great little brain surge of being able to re use and remake posters. I'm always changing my mind but hardly ever with the time to laminate lots of new posters. So, I thought up how to use this adorable washi tape that I bought waaaay  back at the beginning of the year. Check it out:

Laminate the poster first:
  Then begin making your sections with the Washi Tape.

 Add extra pieces that you can write on...

I added names to the left hand side boxes (1 from each student table) so that I can check off which table did which center. It's perfect!

Next up on the blog hop is Erin from Home Literacy Blueprint. Erin has another great post for you! Just click on the button below to check it out!


  1. Great idea! I think we all have washi tape laying around somewhere....ha! :)

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  2. Love this idea -- I have washi tape I was looking for an idea to use it for!
    Kindergarten Lifestyle