Sunday, March 23, 2014

Snowy Saturday Work Day

Yesterday I got to work in my room which was awesome... I totally didn't have a plan since I had my two kiddos with me to entertain as well. With all the snow that 'Hot'lanta saw this winter, teachers missed 2 days of Professional Learning... hence Saturday workdays. I did 1/2 a day yesterday and did manage to get 1 great project done.

I moved my word wall! It was on the bulletin board but I moved it to the front of my room and now the words are all magnetic. Very cool! I'm very excite about it. My plan for the fall is to add the letter of the day as we learn about it. That way at the end of 26 days, we have all the letters on our word wall and can start adding up the sight words.

I always love moving around my furniture so yesterday I did just that a filling cabinet here, a desk there, a bookshelf from one wall to another. Nothing super big but it always helps to 'defunk' my brain every now and then. Now I can spend a rainy day making the activities I just planned out in the car:

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