Saturday, March 29, 2014

Talking Sticks with Laura Candler

Have you ever need a new strategy? Just something a tiny bit different that would make a HUGE impact? This is what you were looking for!

Talking Sticks Book Discussion (Kindergarten CCSS Aligned)

The creator, Laura Candler, let me try this out in my classroom and it is fabulous! My students were excited, motivated to speak and share, and were engaged the entire time.

Here's how I used it this week:

I simply printed out the already made and categorized questions. Passed out the magic talking sticks and began our discussion. My students are used to retelling the stories using a 'retelling hand' but the questions that Laura created are more out of the box and fun. Since we were using this with a newly introduced book, A House for Hermit Crab, I really wanted them to think about the book outside of the characters and setting and think about the book in a new way.

Since I focused on really getting them to think about the book in a new and fun way, Laura's Personal Response Questions were the best with this fiction book.They loved the 'Do you think this would make a good movie?' and 'If you could have been one of the characters, which one would you be?' They were by far the favorites!

I wish I could show you a picture of my adorable students. They were in a circle and stayed circled up for 20-25 minutes (yes Kindergarteners!!) engaged the ENTIRE time discussing, taking turns, and participating. It was AH-mazing! I made sure to ask enough questions that everyone would have some type of input and everyone was able to use their magic talking sticks.

This is my new favorite way to talk about a book afterwards! Laura even has projectable questions that you can purchase to make it even easier for your higher learners.

CCSS Reading Discussion Prompts (Kindergarten)

AND if you are like me and love to have everything match, she includes blank templates for you to create and add your own questions to the mix. You can also get the entire set with printable and projectable by clicking here.

I wish I had had this resource earlier this year! Make sure to take a moment and click on the images in this post to check out this resource (available for every grade level)!

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