Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Down the rabbit hole...

Do you ever feel like the hole you dig yourself into just gets deeper and deeper and deeper?!?! That's been me for the last month. I have missed blogging, creating, and just all around feeling productive! I have finally made it to Spring Break and am really excited to be relaxing now.

I wanted to share a couple pictures with you from my week so far:

Yep, that's right. I spent the first day and a half  of Spring Break... in my classroom making up snow days. But I at least got some things done and all my centers and tubs are put together for next week! Yay for really being able to relax now... which is awesome since my husband just bought me my early mommy's day present:

I already have it set up and am just waiting for kiddos to head to bed. Then it's me and this baby! I can't wait! It looks like an easy to use machine. I'm doing a happy dance!

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