Friday, June 27, 2014

5 on Friday: Furry Fun!

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I think the most exciting and coolest thing that has happened this week is these 3 little guys (well 2 guys and 1 girl):


Aren't they adorable? The blonde one was pretty cute anyways :) The two drinking the milk are so little and cute.... and the poor little things look like they were born without a paw missing. They are so, so sweet! We have tried to find another home for the sweet kitties but it's been a no-go. So I called the local shelter... not something I like to do. They will take the kittens once they are 2 lbs.... if they are under 2 lbs (the size to be vaccinated) then they will be 'humanely euthanized'... SO not going with the shelter! I told my husband that and (lord I love that man!) he told me," We may be keeping 3 kitties instead of 1." My son has named them Snowball, Flury, and Soft...what crazy names!

Summer is the time to get things done right? Since it is, we've started working on a couple of projects here and there. This is one we did the other day: Clean off the carport. Successful!

After this picture my husband also took down the old glass door and it's 'prop'. I can even park in the car port now. Yay!!

How funny do I look? Seriously though. It was H-O-T last Sunday! I went to a shooting competition with my hubby (date afternoon). It was a lot of fun!

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  1. Those kittens are adorable! Shout out to your husband on that one!

    The Purple Teacher

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