Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!! (Plus a BIG reveal!)

Happy Father's Day to everyone! I hope you are sharing it with your special Dad today! I am so excited about giving my Father in Law our present that I made. I worked for about a week and a half on this and am thrilled with how it turned out! I promised to share a pic:

My father in law recently built a set of corn hole boards. He was going to order 'skins' to decorate them with a baseball theme. So, my husband had the fabulous idea to make the bags that you play it with. I used my new embroidery machine and a design I found online. They turned out great!

This is the embroidery machine I use. It's super easy and new-sewer friendly!

Don't worry, my husband got an awesome gift too. He picked out his own:

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