Saturday, June 21, 2014

Spinning with Bright Ideas Link Up

Welcome to June's Bright Ideas Link Up! This is one of the best link ups out there since it is filled with super awesome and super QUICK ideas!

My idea this month is for spinners. In Kindergarten, I loved to use spinners but because I'm impatient usually in a hurry I don't have the time to prep all the backing pieces with lamination and what not. But I really want all of my kiddos to have a spinner to use. I discovered a very quick and sturdy way to have the back piece for my spinners without having to go back to the laminator one more time:

Recognize the yellow backing? Yep, that's right- file folders! These were even better since they had previous student's names on them. Instead of throwing them away, I simply cut off the names, cut them to size, and put the spinner in the middle. It made for a sturdy backing and I was able to make enough quickly for my students to use them later that day in a center.

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