Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What I Want to Wear Wednesday

I'm still searching and scouring all of Pinterest for great new inspiration. These were some of my favorite pins from this week! I think you'll notice a trend :)

Winter fashion wear for women: Perfect Fall Work Outfit

very cute outfit!!!

Fall, casual and comfy #professional #teacher #outfits

Teacher outfit


Southern Charm


Denim shirt...layered w/ a sweater and pearls.

I am absolutely over the top in love with the whole button up and sweater layered look! It's pretty much making me wish that it was fall already. Of course, you know fall is my favorite anyways.

Well, the good thing is that while I was out running errands today I was at Old Navy checking out the clearance section AND I found this:

It's the perfect thing to pair with my shirt from Stitch Fix:

Add some pearls from Premiere and I'm ready to go! Seriously.. fall hurry up!

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  1. I love this look, too!!! It's so cute, professional, and relaxed!