Monday, August 11, 2014


All teachers know that kids learn more when they’re excited and engaged. Today a team of bloggers come together to help your students take a BITE out of learning with a theme your students are sure to love!

My students love it when I match their interests to what we are doing in the classroom. That's why themes work so, so, soooo well in all grades! You can check out a more hands on theme about pumpkins from this past fall by clicking on the picture below:

Of course, the students always love to be in control and have a say in what they are doing too!

Slide 10.png

My Shark Week freebie is a great visual for students to create a class KWL as you begin your exploration of sharks. Plus there is a multi-use sheet include. This sheet is wonderful for so many different uses! Just think, students can create questions, facts, labels, and more... all on one sheet!

Click HERE to try it out!

Be sure to go for a swim in the linky party below. Every blog in the Shark Week Blog Hop features a fishy freebie for you and your students- but hurry! Shark Week only lasts until Sunday, August 17th  : )

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