Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Memory Jog, Brain Dump, Fact Slap

How do you have students show what they know? 

Sticky Notes

I seriously have a love affair with sticky notes. In Kindergarten, I didn't get to use them as much as I wanted to. Now that I'm in 5th... oh man! I have created a slightly more interactive way for the kids to show what they know.

Yesterday, after our 3 day weekend, I had the students do an activity to show what they remember from last weekend. You could call it a lot of things: Memory Jog, Brain Dump,Fact Slap, What Stuck with You? 

Simply give the students sticky notes (1-3 usually do it). Have them write the desired content. For example, 'What do you remember about our unit: Changes on the Plains?'

You can differentiate by giving hints, clues, and asking questions.

When they have it written, it goes up on the board around your 'thinking cloud'.

Between the colors, the sticky notes, and getting up to stick it to the board... it's incredibly engaging and makes them want to reach deep down to find what they remember!

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