Thursday, November 6, 2014

Higher Level Questions with Non Fiction : Featuring Laura Candler!

Last year in Kindergarten I was given the chance to review one of the fabulous Laura Candler's products of my choosing. I jumped at the chance to snag this amazing primary questioning set:

Talking Sticks Book Discussion (Kindergarten CCSS Aligned)

These were amazing at getting my Kindergarteners thinking. Unfortunately, with my move to 5th grade, they didn't stimulate their brains as much as I wanted. 

When Laura offered for me to check out another project, I (again) jumped at the chance. This time I picked up this gem from her store:

Talking Sticks Discussions

For each of these packs all you need is a pack of basic popsicle sticks, the questions, and your students. The upper grades are awesome for a variety of reasons from beginning of the year (Team Talk Discussions) to reading (non fiction, fiction, poem, biography). I used the questions for Discussing a Historical Event and Discussing a Science Experiment.

My students loved, loved this lesson! We were able to sit around our great new rug and talk about the STEM project we had just completed.

Our questions were important for the Higher Level Learning that I was aiming for because of how they targeted the:

-purpose of the experiment
- what they did
-what they could have done differently
-reflecting upon their results

It was fabulous!

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