Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Vocabulary.... It's truly the most important!

As far as teaching Science and Social Studies to my 5th graders goes, I love it! I love making it fun and interactive for them. I love finding visuals, media clips, and experiments to apply and increase understanding. The part that gets some of them stuck... is vocabulary.

No matter how engaging you make the activity, if they don't 'get' the vocabulary it's hard to follow and understand anything else going on in class. I always try to create a fun way to have them discover or find the vocabulary words for a new unit. For example, the foldable we created for Changes in the Plains:

This time, I went straight up old school for them since they had some schema for Electricity and Magnetism already. I thought you my like to grab it too! (Just click the image to grab your download!)

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