Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Currently... with Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

What are you Currently doing? Here's what I'm up to: 


I am listening to my son play Skylanders. He just got it for Christmas and is obsessed with it!

I am LOVING my new Teiks that I got for my birthday this year. LOVE them!

I am thinking about the grading that is currently sitting in my school bag. Seriously. I have 65 social studies test to grade.... yuck.

I am wanting to NOT have the flu! I just got back from The Little Clinic, where I tested positive for the flu. So sad that this is how I'm going to start 2015. I hope that's not an indication for the new year!

I am needing to go to sleep...seriously. Just take the meds and go to sleep...

Yes- I want to get fit this year! 2 years ago, I lost over 20 lbs... and I have slowly gained it back. Now I need to lose it again AND keep it off! That' my goal this year.

Maybe... getting more done. I always feel like there is an area of my life that loses out from time to time. I need to get better at balancing.

I wish I could start presenting to teachers. I feel like I have a lot to offer... but I'm not sure how to focus that or get started with it!

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What I Want to Wear Wednesday

I love, love, love flannel and layering of all things gingham!

I NEED this hoodie.. and the Toms. Or at least knock off Toms. This outfit just looks so darn comfy!

Oh my, this vest will keep popping up... but EVERYWHERE is sold out of them! The only place I have found it is on Amazon... from a private seller... for 3x's the original price. Not happening.

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Happy New Year's Eve! Stop by to celebrate!

I hope everyone has an awesome time tonight celebrating! We will be at a friend's house celebrating with everyone and watching the Georgia Tech bowl game. Go Yellow Jackets!!

But before that, I'll be filling up my cart and checking out with some amazing deals. Loads of sellers on TPT are 20% off- including mine! Check it out:

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Funday Monday

Funday Monday

What are you up to today? Leave a comment telling what you are doing, what you think I'm doing, and your email to win $10 worth of product from my store!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy birthday to me! A treat for you!

Come help me celebrate today! Stop by my TPT store and grab anything and everything at 20% off!

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Slim Down Saturdays

I am so excited! This is the year that I am going to get back on track with my weight. How many of us say this? I know it's possible because 2 years ago I lost it all... and then life/stress/commuting got in the way. I'm going to get back in the swing of things and hit it hard this year to lose the weight (again).

To help hold myself accountable, I am going to join in with Gina at Teaching with a Touch of Pixie Dust for her Slim Down Saturdays. Here's my first weeksish....

Do you have the same goal? Head over to get accountability too!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What I Want to Wear Wednesday

I'm so excited to be able to bring back .....

I love, love checking out new style boards on Pinterest. It's way better for me to actually 'see it' than to try and attempt my own ideas... because let's face it, I am no fashionista. But, with Pinterest's help, I can at least have my personal in home stylist dream come true. 

These are my newest loves:

I actually just bought a polka dot sweater that I am in love with... It's incredibly hard to find one!

I am in LOVE with it!!

My next adorable (I have to have it!!) outfit has a similar theme :)

I already have brown boots... that are very worn out. There replacements are currently in my shopping cart at Macy's :) Now I just need to find this cute little dress!

Do you have any new loves or obsessions?

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Merry Christmas Eve!

My husband and I have this funny little game that we play. Any holiday or eve of a holiday, we try to be the first one to remember (need coffee in the morning to wake up) and wish the other a 'happy' or 'merry' (insert holiday). It's a funny little thing that we do.. not sure why. But, hey, married couples can be weird that way.

I do hope that you have all been having an amazing and wonderful Christmas break so far. I know I most definitely have had a blast relaxing and enjoying the time off. I'm really, really looking forward to doing some baking tomorrow. I'll be working through a list tomorrow that includes traditional sugar cookies, pralines, and these two lovelies:

Chocolate Crinkles

Pecan Sandies

I can't wait! How will you be spending your Christmas Eve? I am excited to say that (with the exception of tissue paper in bags) I am done wrapping.... well, done with Santa wrapping. My family Christmas will be on Saturday so their's hasn't quiet been done yet!

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Friday, December 19, 2014

It's Here! It's Here!

Can I just say how EXCITED I am that it's finally break?!!? If you still have to work on Monday and Tuesday, you are in my thoughts!!

The crazy thing about break is the to-do list for school that I have going. I'd love to see what's on your list! Here's mine:

If you'd like to join in, grab my image, create your own, and then link up below!


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Friday, December 12, 2014

MAJOR Giveaway with Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

My good friend Beth of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah has been hosting an AH-mazing giveaway lately! All those lucky people have been celebrating the first 12 Days of Christmas with some MAJOR goodies!

I am so, so very excited to join in on the last day with a major blow out of a day. Check out these awesome goods:

These stores are full of awesome resources! Beth's clip art is in just about every single product I have ever made. Check them out here:

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To win these fabulous prizes, just enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Technology Projects: Common Craft Video

At my old school (don't I sound like Phoebe?), we all had to do a Technology project that was showcased on Technology night in the Spring. Since moving to my new school, I've been tackling all the new curriculum and doing a hands-on technology project has seemed somewhat overwhelming.

Enter- my amazing Media Specialist. She offered to have 2 of my 3 groups come in this week and work on using research to create a common craft video. Here is a quick intro to what they are:

These videos look simple and yet amazing! We are taking this entire week to work our way through it:
-script writing
-creation of props

They are doing fabulous with their research and combining of facts as groups. They are REALLY excited about it so far!

Has anyone ever done this before in elementary? Here is a sample of an 8th grade project that we looked at first.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

There's an App for That: Social Studies Apps 101

Check out my newest article over at The Educator's Room!

Having access to technology in a classroom is one of the best 'next generation' resources you can have. Teachers all over want to be able to give students exactly the information that they need in engaging ways. The answer? Apps.
Now, we know that not all apps are created equal. I've put together a list of my favorites -- the apps I use all the time. I promise I'm not getting any type of reimbursement from these companies. They are just really great resources to use!
1- Brain Pop: I love, love Tim and Moby. Annie and Moby of Brain Pop Jr. are fabulous as well! Each of these is available via website or as an app for quick and easy app. This is one that requires a subscription fee to use but it has hundreds of videos on all content areas, technology, and arts. This is simply wonderful!
2- Scholastic Classroom Ideas To Go!: This one is specifically for teachers. Scholastic is a fabulous resources, as we all know. Now they have an app ($0.99) that contains hundreds of wonderful teaching ideas for all subjects, holidays, and grade levels. It's wonderful to get the juices flowing while you are planning!
3- Pass the Past: Are you searching for a quick and easy way to assess your students? This FREE app is perfect! Because it's free, it is limited in it's abilities but it is sorted into 9 different sections of history beginning with topics covered in 3rd grade stretching through colonies, present day, and world history. In 25 quick questions (written standardized test-like with graphic sources) you can preassess your students or assess your student's learning for the year.
4- Third Grade- Fourth Grade Social Studies: This FREE app is a great beginning resource for practicing reading an article and answering questions based on the article. The free version gives you 4 articles with 9 questions per article. If you upgrade, it opens up 20 other articles with questions PLUS you can create your own to be included as well.
5- Early Jamestown: Are you studying the colonies? Do your students need a refresher? This FREE app is an interactive book that contains information, graphic sources, and even video footage. It's perfect for all level of readers as the wording isn't too difficult.
Do you have a favorite app? Leave a comment with their name. I'd LOVE to check them out too!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Exciting Electromagnets

Wow! My science classes had a BALL today! I broke out all the goodies to create electromagnets. It was so much fun! I was really, really proud of them all too!

This electromagnet was definitely the BEST of them all. They coiled the wire 68 times... and it held up 9 paperclips! They were amazed by it. Loved their expressions and excitement.

The entire activity was made even better by The Science Penguin's great freebie: 

It was fabulous and perfect! 

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Don't forget- Newbies!!

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You could grab this great little deal:

Your very own personalized desktop! You get to pick you, your accessories, and your background. It's so much fun to pick and to make! Grab it on sale today and tomorrow!

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