Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Currently... with Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

What are you Currently doing? Here's what I'm up to: 


I am listening to my son play Skylanders. He just got it for Christmas and is obsessed with it!

I am LOVING my new Teiks that I got for my birthday this year. LOVE them!

I am thinking about the grading that is currently sitting in my school bag. Seriously. I have 65 social studies test to grade.... yuck.

I am wanting to NOT have the flu! I just got back from The Little Clinic, where I tested positive for the flu. So sad that this is how I'm going to start 2015. I hope that's not an indication for the new year!

I am needing to go to sleep...seriously. Just take the meds and go to sleep...

Yes- I want to get fit this year! 2 years ago, I lost over 20 lbs... and I have slowly gained it back. Now I need to lose it again AND keep it off! That' my goal this year.

Maybe... getting more done. I always feel like there is an area of my life that loses out from time to time. I need to get better at balancing.

I wish I could start presenting to teachers. I feel like I have a lot to offer... but I'm not sure how to focus that or get started with it!

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  1. Balance is always a struggle!! I always felt the same way about presenting to teachers so I started by leading a few staff meetings at my school, then I was asked to lead professional development for the district, then things just grew from there. Give it a try and good luck!

  2. OMG! I was just obsessing over Tieks yesterday. I really want some. I'm totally with you on getting fit. I did the same thing a few years ago and now... ugh. The struggle is way too real. Hope you get better soon!

    Enchanted Kinder Garden

  3. I have trouble with the balancing thing still . . . I present through my district only so far. I don't know how your district is but we have instructional specialists at our central office that need help presenting info at our job alike trainings. I always offer my help and put my own spin on what I am presenting. It's been fun so far. I am secretly happy that I am not the only one that needs to grade. Get well soon! Best wishes and Happy New Year!

    Sandy @ Elementary Expedition