Monday, December 8, 2014

Technology Projects: Common Craft Video

At my old school (don't I sound like Phoebe?), we all had to do a Technology project that was showcased on Technology night in the Spring. Since moving to my new school, I've been tackling all the new curriculum and doing a hands-on technology project has seemed somewhat overwhelming.

Enter- my amazing Media Specialist. She offered to have 2 of my 3 groups come in this week and work on using research to create a common craft video. Here is a quick intro to what they are:

These videos look simple and yet amazing! We are taking this entire week to work our way through it:
-script writing
-creation of props

They are doing fabulous with their research and combining of facts as groups. They are REALLY excited about it so far!

Has anyone ever done this before in elementary? Here is a sample of an 8th grade project that we looked at first.

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