Sunday, December 7, 2014

There's an App for That: Social Studies Apps 101

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Having access to technology in a classroom is one of the best 'next generation' resources you can have. Teachers all over want to be able to give students exactly the information that they need in engaging ways. The answer? Apps.
Now, we know that not all apps are created equal. I've put together a list of my favorites -- the apps I use all the time. I promise I'm not getting any type of reimbursement from these companies. They are just really great resources to use!
1- Brain Pop: I love, love Tim and Moby. Annie and Moby of Brain Pop Jr. are fabulous as well! Each of these is available via website or as an app for quick and easy app. This is one that requires a subscription fee to use but it has hundreds of videos on all content areas, technology, and arts. This is simply wonderful!
2- Scholastic Classroom Ideas To Go!: This one is specifically for teachers. Scholastic is a fabulous resources, as we all know. Now they have an app ($0.99) that contains hundreds of wonderful teaching ideas for all subjects, holidays, and grade levels. It's wonderful to get the juices flowing while you are planning!
3- Pass the Past: Are you searching for a quick and easy way to assess your students? This FREE app is perfect! Because it's free, it is limited in it's abilities but it is sorted into 9 different sections of history beginning with topics covered in 3rd grade stretching through colonies, present day, and world history. In 25 quick questions (written standardized test-like with graphic sources) you can preassess your students or assess your student's learning for the year.
4- Third Grade- Fourth Grade Social Studies: This FREE app is a great beginning resource for practicing reading an article and answering questions based on the article. The free version gives you 4 articles with 9 questions per article. If you upgrade, it opens up 20 other articles with questions PLUS you can create your own to be included as well.
5- Early Jamestown: Are you studying the colonies? Do your students need a refresher? This FREE app is an interactive book that contains information, graphic sources, and even video footage. It's perfect for all level of readers as the wording isn't too difficult.
Do you have a favorite app? Leave a comment with their name. I'd LOVE to check them out too!

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