Thursday, February 19, 2015

5 Things to Make A Teacher Go Crazy

How do you make a teacher go crazy? Here is how...

#1- Have plans go awry... for example my student teacher was out so I taught her plans today. Definitely no big deal... until the internet went on the fritz and I had several video clips that the entire lesson was dependent on... 5th grade science doesn't have a lot of interactive, grade-appropriate 'visuals' available.

#2- Pink eye.. yep the teacher has pink eye! I would never, ever wish this on someone else!

#3- Add an award ceremony... in the middle of a class period. No biggie by itself but when you start adding things one on top of the other...

#4- Pull out kids weren't pulled out?

#5- The 'S' word happened.. yep, with my big huge picture window in all it's glory...

Obviously it wasn't like that at all but I swear that's what they thought it was. Not a bad day all in all.. but wow! It was a doozy!!

How was your day?

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