Monday, February 23, 2015

How Do I Change My Blog Layout?

After my post yesterday (see here how to add an Instagram slide show), I had a couple of questions about how to add widgets and change layouts of your blog. If you haven't explored your blog yet, here's a quick tutorial on how to get there starting from your blog's Dashboard:

On your Dashboard, there is a drop down tab that you can click on to give you a list of options to look at, edit, and create with in your blog.

On the drop down tab, there is an option called Layout. Click on this and it will take you to a new screen.

This new screen shows you the pieces of your blog. To create a new piece to your blog you can click Add a Gadget. There are TONS of different gadgets that you can play around with. If you want to add the Instagram code, you will need to add the HTML/JavaScript gadget:

To add something new to it, all you have to do is click the word Edit for it to open up and you can change it, add to it, and customize it to fit your needs.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this helpful tip!

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