Monday, August 10, 2015

Classroom Reveal!!!

You know how the week of back-to-school kind of overwhelms you? Yep. Good to know others understand!! I wanted to give you a glimpse into my classroom. I'd love to say that these pictures were going to show my classroom set up for Open House.. but I totally am doing well to get them from my classroom clean-ish at the end of the day :)

This is the view from next to the boys' bathroom. I actually have 2 rugs in my room. One that I received from Donor's Choose and one that was left in my classroom as part of the Kindergarten furniture. I am in love with several of the items in this picture: my alphabet (realistic, nonfiction images), the number line (10 frames, word, and digit), and my set of book boxes. So excited!

This is the view behind my door and to the left on my sink area. It has my helpers chart (more coming about that!!), my behavior chart, and my lunch count charts. All in one centralized location :)

This is my room as a view from the door. I feel like it make looked cluttered here.. but it's really more homey in real life. This is my teacher nook with all of my things plus my calendar and another meeting area.

All my math manipulatives, rule poster, and my easel (which is HUGE).

I love my tables :) They are one of my favorite parts of the room. I love the colors, that I can fit 6 people, and how they fit perfectly into this space!

This is a close up of my guided reading space. I will be detailing more about the buckets and how this all runs soon!

Guided reading strategy posters.... and that string of lights isn't supposed to be down that far.. for real folks..

My little area. I have my stuff condensed down to take up the least amount of room possible!

Behind my chalkboard on my table... and the stuff that's left at the end of the 2nd day of Kindergarten!

Collage goodness!!

I am in love with the cheerfulness of my room. I've never been full-force gung-ho about 1 theme. But so long as the classroom is pleasant, welcoming, and cheerful, I call it a win. This is definitely that to me and my students.

Happy 2015-2016 y'all!

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  1. Your room looks good. I really like all the bright colors. I am noticing a lot teachers are using bright colors this year. Well done!!!

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