Saturday, August 1, 2015

Guided Reading Series: Part 1-Organization

I'm so very excited to announce my new Guided Reading Series!!

Guided reading is one of the most vital parts of a primary classroom. It's how you can really target student learning: phonics, vocabulary, reading, comprehension, and fluency. The best way to have a successful guided reading year is to start out the year organized.

I have found that the best way to have an organized guided reading year is to start with this:

I have broken my binder down into different sections:

The front currently has my conferring notes tucked into the front for right now. When school starts, they'll be on a clip board for when I confer.

The next section is the list of reading level characteristics. This is a great resource to turn to whereto have a list of things that each level needs to work on. You can find these with a simple google search.

Each of my sections are labeled for easy access:

My next section is library groups:

I also have a section for my student data to show their growth all year long.

Weekly snap shot to see who I'm meeting with on what days:

Who has the book? This is probably the most important piece of paperwork in my binder!

Lesson plans for my groups. I usually fill these out and then put them with the books
in a tub next to my guided reading table. I'll be showing my table set up later this week!

Parent notes: Having the masters all together makes it super easy to just grab and copy.

Quick games and practice pieces from Kristen Smith. Love her packs!!

I also have a section at the end with a tab for each of my students. This is where I'll put their DRA reading assessment sheets. Fast and easy access is a must!

Each of my forms has been used for multiple years in my classroom and I have figured out the best, most essential ways for them to be set up. They have made my life SO much easier over the years!!

All of this is available in my newly updated packet:

Tonight I will be broadcasting on Periscope to answer any questions that you have! Tune in at 9:00 tonight! (If you can't, the broad cast will be saved for 24 hours!) Tomorrow I will be posting follow-up questions from the broadcast and the comments section below. Click the button to below to check it out!

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