Monday, August 31, 2015

Snap shot of our day!

The best part of being a blogger and reading blogs is (in my opinion) to see what other kids are working on and to show what mine are doing! I love showing everyone my 'Peek at My Week' yesterday. But here is an actual peek into my classroom from today!

I added a new center to our literacy rotation: GeoBoard Letters. Oh my goodness! My kids were in L-O-V-E with them!!

I have been problem solving a couple of different 'issues' in my centers. One was the fact that my other radio was used for about 4 different things through out the day. Now I have just 1 stereo for listening centers AND it comes with 'helper stickers'. Green means go and red means stop. Plus I ordered a Belkin Rockstar Splitter to make life easier too. Now I can have all of my kids listening... and not the whole room :) Grab your own Rockstar here.

I am ready to meet with my first groups tomorrow!! Woot!

We worked on labeling today. This is one of my sweetest little girls. She was brave and sounded out a word all by herself (and it wasn't one of my modeled words!)!

Guided reading table is ready! I'm going to be walking you through my Guided Reading area tomorrow. I can't wait to show you my changes!!

Oh this picture was darker than I thought :(  But If you look closely, we have been working on using our reading strategies. Since I tend to project a lot of our books, I moved them right above our screen to help my students remember them.

See my cute little chevron basket (totally a sewing basket from JoAnn's). All of my sight words are laminated, cut out, and put in ABC order in that cute little box!!

What did your kiddos do today? I'd love to see!

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