Wednesday, August 5, 2015

These are a few of my favorite things...

Now I have the song 'My Favorite Things' stuck in my head. I love it! I'm linking up today to share a few of my favorite things with you!!

I love this topic! This summer I actually helped organize a Favorite Things gift exchange with Jennifer of Simply Kinder. I'll be sharing some of the great pictures from the swap later this week. It was a ton of fun! Right now these are my favorite things:

I am in love with all of these at the moment! The first is a definite life saver. It's my all-in-one planner that I have blogged about during my Plan With Me Sunday posts. Click on it to see it up close and personal! 

My second favorite item is a major important item too since I go back to work TOMORROW! I'm excited about seeing everyone.. not about the 4 hour 'training' we will have while sitting on bleachers in the high school gym.


Anyways.... if you've been reading along this week you will have seen the beginning introduction to my Guided Reading binder. I'm really proud of it. But honestly, I'm a little in love with it as well. I know how much time it's going to save me this year to have everything organized. I'm ridiculously excited about it!!

Make sure to click around and see what else everyone is in love with right now!

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  1. I have heard so much about Plum Paper Planners. I think it is something I need to check out! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing a few of your favorite things with us!!

    Funky in Fourth
    Teaching Trio

  2. I love my Plum Paper Planner too!!