Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Week and WHAT?

I'll be honest.. this week is probably going to kick my tush. Here's the line-up:

-Halloween week
-Full Moon week
-Red Ribbon week
-3 of 5 school days raining

If I'm alive come Friday... it'll be a miracle, just saying! But with that in mind, I decided to do a theme week of all Halloween activities. I'm not a big theme kind of girl (Despite being in Kindergarten). Each week is not themed. But a lot of my activities can have a theme but with curriculum focus... clear as mud right?

Here are just a couple of snap shots from our week so far:

Loved this great graphing activity. The kids LOVED talking about their costumes :)

Working on making our very own Frankensteins... they had to cut all of their own pieces. Yay for being independent and REALLY AWESOME listeners!!

We are pretty much REALLY enjoying Deanna's Halloween unit!

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