Monday, November 30, 2015

Gingerbread Week: Where do I start?

In December, I love to pick a theme a week. I am NOT a theme kind of girl. But I try my best to do a theme a week in December because it's SO much fun!!

This year I am signed up for an exchange of adorable gingerbread men and I can't wait to have my students make them! We are going to be making gingerbread, reading about gingerbread, and even having a chase around the school this week! I'm starting off with sharing just today's activities:

It all started with the tree... doesn't it always? The kids L-O-V-E-D having their own tree in our room! I can't wait to see how excited they get with all the plans I have for these trees!!!

I decided to go with a GIANT anchor chart for gingerbread week. Each day we read a different story and then use this to compare/contrast the books all week long. It's a great visual for the students!

We used Jennifer Kadar's template to make gingerbread ornaments for our exchange partners. I can't wait to get them in the mail!

I totally hit up Hobby Lobby and Michael's last week for some great holiday accents for our projects. My students were very excited about picking out their gingerbread decorations.

We also used them (and green triangles) to create our tree puzzle for our classroom door.

Now in reality.. we all know that classrooms are not perfect... which is why my math tubs are totally still Thanksgiving themed..... and that's a-ok. :D

All of these are from the amazing Deanna Jump!! Love her things!! These activities are PERFECT for this time of year: easy prep, engaging, meaningful, and cover the standards. 

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