Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Favorite Anchors (right now...)

Yesterday I looked around my room and though, "Man, I love these anchor charts I have going on!" Sometimes my anchor charts could be actual charts and sometimes they might be mentor papers or 'charts' from activities that we did and have been left up.

The first was our first word family 'chart' from an activity earlier this week. We had magnetic letters that we used to fill in the blank next to at. We talked about if it was an -at word, not a word, or a word that wasn't an -at word (i.e. oat).

This is the most useful chart in our room! Once we really mastered sounding out, writing, and using the word wall for sight words, we needed to have a chart of ideas. Each day we focused on a different topic and generated a list. My students honestly use this chart daily in their writing.

This week in reading lessons has been all about retelling. We started the week off with just B/M/E. This was our chart for 'The Three Little Pigs' (in pink) and 'Owl Moon' (in purple).

Our bat finally got filled in last week with our learning from books. Plus we added ears to the bat so he looked more like a bat. The kids love looking at him and talking about our learning :)

Retelling! I found this image and printed it poster size. On the opposite side is the Non-Fiction retelling hand. The kids love that I have this suspended from the light right over my head.

Modeled writing is the best! Our topic of the week is lost items. Lots of Corduroy books being read this week. I modeled to the class and then we went back and underlined ALL the sight words that could come from our wall. Light bulbs went off all over the classroom after this modeled piece! 3 sentence writing was everywhere in my room this week!

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